With mid-terms gone and out of the way I’m very excited to be home for a nice long 3 week break. It’s scary to think that we are already half way done with our freshman year. Time flys by if you stay busy at Augie. Over break I can wait to spend time with my family and friends who I haven’t seen in a long time and also spending a lot of time in Michigan. This term I will say has been tough but its getting better. I do enjoy riding once a week with the equestrian team and also working a few days a week with the basketball team being a trainer. I also this term got a job being a tour guide on saturdays so some of you may be seeing me if you come to visit. The picture below is after we had a major snow fall at Augie this term and it got me really excited for break to finally come! Hope everyone has a great holiday and a happy New Year!

Is tired even a word anymore?

Well coming off of thanksgiving break my schedule involves sleeping,eating,classes, studying,riding,more sleeping, and working mens basketball. I feel like in school you can never get a good amount of sleep unless you have really easy classes. But for me this term Ive been basically reading and studying anatomy and my brain is about fried. Other then that I’ve enjoyed so far working with the mens basketball team. Its defiantly way different then working with the football team as in theres less guys and theres not a whole lot of running around. I’m quite sad though that riding is only once a week now because I miss being with my team on weekends and at shows where as now I only see 4 of them once a week. Its only 2 more weeks till Christmas and It honestly cant come any slower.

a Glacurh Thanksgiving post

I just got back from a conference at MSU for RHA called Glacurh and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I went to a bunch of workshops to learn different programs to put on at augie for student involvement as well as awareness of college related problems. I’ve currently been packed since sunday night to go home on wednesday for thanksgiving because I’m honestly too excited to leave because I really miss my family. But This week I started working with the mens basketball team and its a very different environment then working with the football team with being a student AT. I’m also looking to join more clubs or activities this winter so we will see what happens.

I’m not sure what I got myself into

Week one this term has been interesting as you can put it but way more challenging then last term. I guess one of the nice things is I crammed my MWF so I have TT off which so far has been very pleasant. I’m currently taking Anatomy but I’m the only freshman in the class and I now see why its an upperclassman class but have to fear I am actually going to stay in the class even though trying to memorize 50 terms in 2 days has been a bit rough. I’m taking also an athletic training class which I’m super excited about because if I like this class then I’ll know officially I want to major in AT. I’m taking lsfy again but with a new teacher and its a very energetic class which I love. I’m also taking a bio150 class so that in spring I can take zoology.

Fall Break should be about a month long(In my opinion)

Well after the longest week of my life I’m glad to say that finals are officially over with and to be honest they were not as bad as midterms. Now its time to bring the 3 weeks worth of laundry I’ve been waiting to do(why pay when you can get it free at your house)to my home and eat as many home cooked meals as possible because after 12 weeks of csl food home cooked food tastes like a professional chef made something for you.

Now as soon as you get home I’d advise taking a nap on your bed because it was probably the best sleep I’ve gotten all this term….well besides gaining an hour from daylight savings. This weekend I’m competing in my last horse show for the season at Northwestern University and then It’s off to Michigan to spend time with my parents and Grandparents at our lake house. This week will definitely be spent catching up on sleep,eating,civilization,and catching up with family and friends from back home.

Finals Week say what?

Yep its finals week on campus but have no fear I’m here to help!

Tips for finals week:

1. do not live in your room GET OUT every now and then

2. the library will become your best friend

3. remember to eat and you can never be too stressed to eat

4.take a deep breathe its not the end of the world

5.turn off your phone(best decision) otherwise you will be very distracted

6. Have a survival kit made just like I have in my picture because it will help you get through finals